Regenerative Multi-Source Power Conversion System


In collaboration with the University of Nottingham – BLU is the project coordinator. The REGENESYS system forms part of the overall Clean Sky Green Rotorcraft Integrated Technology Demonstrator. The objective of REGENESYS is to develop the demonstrator of a flexible power conversion system incorporating multiple energy sources, as well as energy recovery and storage capability that can be further developed toward a new aircraft power distribution system which by the use of energy recovery, storage and subsequent managed distribution will reduce the energy footprint of the aircraft leading to reduced mass, maintenance, emissions and noise. Specifically, REGENESYS is intended to provide a technology demonstrator comprising:

  • Bidirectional power converters (BDC) which interface to a nominal 270VDC power bus with the capability to connect at their output to either energy storage elements either loads
  • Energy storage element(s)
The goal is demonstrating a system that will intelligently control all bidirectional converters interfacing loads or energy storage components of the system to provide a stable, flexible power distribution.