Innovative Distributed Electrical Network for Regional Aircraft


IDEN is a European Union Clean Sky 2 (CS2) Joint Technology Initiative for the Regional aircraft IADP (Innovative Aircraft Development Platform) and will contribute to the integration of technologies to a further level of complexity and maturity than currently pursued in Clean Sky.

The IDEN project will deliver an innovative solid-state based electrical power distribution network system representative of future Regional A/C and will become an integral part of the Regional A/C Iron Bird test rig. The innovative electrical power distribution network will be part of a highly decentralized, modular and flexible, smart-grid, EPDS and will be equipped with enhanced electrical energy management functionalities in order to reduce or even delete the overload capabilities of the main generators thus saving weight and reducing fuel consumption. The prime objective of IDEN is the design, development, manufacture, validation and integration of an innovative solid-state based Primary and Secondary Electrical Distribution Network for Regional A/C equipped with enhanced electrical energy management functionalities. The project objectives include commissioning and support for the demonstration of the system and components at the Regional Innovative Aircraft Development Platform Iron Bird.