Jan 2010 - Distretto Aerospaziale Lombardia
Blu participated in the inaugural meeting of the Distretto Aerospaziale Lombardia(Lombardy Aerospace Region).

October 2009 - Distretto Aerospaziale Lombardia
Blu Electronic became a member of the Distretto Aerospaziale Lombardia. The objectives of this association of aerospace companies is to promote and develop the comprehensive experience which exists in this sector in the Lombardy region.

September 2009 ESA boards assembly process verification
Blu commenced the programme of board assembly process verification in accordance with the requirements of ESA.

March 2009 - Product Assurance
Blu's comprehensive quality system was audited by UNAVIA and achieved certification against ISO9000 and ISO9100

January 2009 - Clean room
Blu commissioned a new 360 m2 electronics production area, inclusive of a 60m2 class 100,000 (ISO8) cleanroom environment for the assembly and test of space equipment.