Blu Electronic is an electronic systems design house which undertakes design, development, production, test & integration of high reliability equipment for third party companies and Agencies, principally  for the aerospace sector. 
The expertise within the company is extremely broad, permitting us to work across a very wide range of disciplines and industries.
Such experience encompasses the following technical disciplines and more:

  • Linear and Switched Mode power supplies
  • Digital, Analogue and mixed signal
  • Control systems
  • Data Acquisition systems
  • Sensor design and applications
  • Programmable Logic - FPGA
  • Microprocessor and microcontroller based systems
  • DSP
  • Embedded and Real Time Software
  • Mechanical design and analysis (inc. Structural & Thermal)

Blu Electronic is also adept in recovering product problems associated with component and sub assembly obsolescence, undertaking redesign,
re-qualification and subsequent production.

The primary business sectors in which the company is currently active are:

  • Aerospace (Avionics & Space)
  • Military (Avionics & Ground)